Getting back to work following lockdown – now that workplaces are reopening, employees will be feeling a variety of emotional and psychological challenges.

In the second of our webinars in our three part series, Jason Brennan, Director of Wellbeing and Leadership, Wrkit will look at some things to expect and to plan for in relation to employee wellbeing,. He will also share some information on how to provide psychological support and how to prepare for likely conversations with staff.

Notwithstanding the steps an employer has taken to ensure a safe return to the workplace, some categories of employee may still be reluctant to attend. This reluctance may stem from their own vulnerability or that of a member of their household, lack of childcare, misgivings about being reliant on public transport or even, in some cases, because they are better off on state benefit. Lorraine Parkes, Senior Executive, Ibec, will discuss how these perceived obstacles can be addressed.

Start Date July 22, 2020
Time 10:30am
Duration 1 hour
Delegate Price Free
Type Webinar
Contact Sarah Colbert
Senior Executive, Networks