How we regulate our labour market will be a key factor in determining our ability to attract and retain jobs in the economy.  Businesses need to be able to compete successfully in international markets.  A balanced relationship between the employer and employees is essential.

Our focus must be on providing well designed and stable labour market regulation that allows for flexibility - enabling employers to respond to changing business demands, while also creating opportunities to build decent work for those wishing to vary their levels of participation in the workforce.

Female participation rates and employment gaps between genders is one such that needs regulation and this is the focus of this forum in advance of the  impending gender pay gap reporting requirements.   

Dr Kara McGann, Head of Social Policy, Ibec will speak on gender pay gap reporting which is one part of a much-needed wider strategy to address female participation rates and employment gaps between genders. It will not on its own identify or solve the myriad of structural, cultural and policy causes for these differences, but it is a critical and welcome element.

While women make up over half the world’s population, it remains the case they are not fulfilling their potential in measured economic activity or in their contribution to the labour market. This has clear social and economic consequences, and business has an important role to play in finding solutions.

We will also hear a case study delivered from a  local company  who have been innovative in this space and will have a panel discussion and an open forum discussion with invited members.

If you are interested in attending please book on line or e mail ann.oleary@ibec.ie

Start Date October 22, 2019
Time 9:30 - 12:30
Duration 3 hours
Delegate Price Free
Location Dunraven Arms Hotel
Type Forums and workshops
Contact Ann O'Leary,
+353 61 410411