Developing a growth mindset, grit and resilience  

Join us at Croke Park for Ibec’s flagship HR event where this year’s programme themed ‘Shaping Talented Minds’, focuses on the theories of grit and growth mindset. We will explore how these theories, spoken about widely in academic fields, can be transferred to organisational company culture.

Eduardo Briceño, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works (the leading provider of growth mindset training), will deliver a keynote on the fascinating area of growth mindset. Eduardo co-founded his company in 2007 with renowned psychologist Carol Dweck to help people and organisations develop learning-oriented cultures and systems.

Grit is a field of study with sweeping real-world ramifications. ‘It’s about pursuing long-term goals with passion and perseverance, and it has been shown to predict success over and beyond measures of talent,’ says Lauren Eskreis–Winkler.

Lauren is among a select group of people who can speak authoritatively on grit. Employees with grit not only ride out the rough times but also emerge stronger and performing better. Setbacks don’t set them back. Their self-belief and confidence in their ability to succeed make them more likely to achieve their goals.

Join us along with 400 senior HR professionals for a full programme of carefully selected thought leaders who will leave you inspired, as they share their insights on how you can shape a future workforce that embraces lifelong learning and approaches challenges with a growth mindset and equal amounts of grit and resilience.


Agenda 2019 pdf | 889 kb
Start Date October 24, 2019
Delegate Price €460 (+VAT)
Type Conference and Summit
Contact Claire Gilroy
01 605 1528

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