At this flagship conference, carefully selected, expert speakers share best practice on implementing corporate wellbeing strategies that effectively improve the mental and physical wellbeing of employees in the workplace and their overall experience of work. 

In this new era, where wellbeing is culture, The KeepWell Summit will tackle the most topical themes on the horizon including bystander intervention training, diversity & inclusion, financial wellbeing, workplace physical and mental health and supporting men and women’s health at work. Workplace wellbeing has evolved to encompass a myriad of aspects and businesses now need to think strategically about wellbeing culture to attract and retain talent. 

As we look ahead to 2022 and beyond, retention and recruitment challenges are fast becoming the most prevalent issue employers face in the race for talent. Employment-seekers evidently favour organisations who prioritise employee wellbeing, foster excellent company culture and offer remote flexibility. 

We are delighted to include Jackson Katz on this year’s agenda, who is a major figure and thought leader in the growing global movement of men working to promote gender equality and prevent gender violence. Jackson is also a key architect of “bystander intervention” and looks at the importance of leadership in shaping a healthy, respectful and inclusive workplace.

Also on the agenda:

  • Health and wellbeing strategies
  • Masterclass in mental health
  • Link between wellbeing, community and productivity
  • Employee financial wellbeing

The KeepWell Summit brings together senior HRDs, academics, wellbeing experts and business leaders to reflect on how the pandemic has changed the dynamics of working relationships between employers and employees and discuss innovative ideas to bolster workplace engagement and boost morale.

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