Agenda will focus on 3 connected themes:

Reimagining organisational design

Working remotely during the pandemic has accelerated the concept of distributed workforces for many organisations. This has led to diminished social capital networks within organisations, making it more difficult for employees to maintain the same high level of productivity, for new employees to onboard and for teams to be cohesive. Noah Askin, Assistant Professor at INSEAD will discuss how we can use networks effectively to build social capital in teams and bolster workplace connections to enable sustainable innovation and creativity.

Redefining workplace culture

Culture is widely defined as ‘how we do things around here’, but as a whole new world of work emerges, is it time to radically rethink workplace culture? We will explore how leading organisations are redefining their workplace culture as our ways of working are evolving.

Finding the sustainable balance?

A leading authority on remote working, the publication last year of Professor Tsedal Neeley of Harvard Business School’s book, Remote Work Revolution – Succeeding from Anywhere, could not have been more timely.  In her keynote address at this year’s HR Leadership Summit, Professor Neeley will discuss the major themes of leadership, team building, performance and motivation in a remote and hybrid context. With organisations finding themselves in the experimental phase of road testing new ways of working, many have yet for find the optimum solution that meets organisational, employee and societal needs.