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Smarter World,
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Preparing Ireland for a new era of work

Globalisation, rapid digitalisation, changing lifestyles and new consumer preferences mean jobs and careers are being transformed. And the pace of change is accelerating. This brings great opportunities, but also risks. The archetypal worker used to be a man on a production line or a ‘salary-man’ in an office. This will not be the case into the future. The needs of businesses and individuals are shifting, and so too are career paths.

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Smarter World, Smarter Work

The new world of work is more exciting, but also less predictable. What will these new jobs look like, is our education and social protection system ready, and is Ireland and Irish business positioned to thrive in this new environment?

How organisations, government and individuals respond to these trends will fundamentally affect the quality of our jobs and our lives into the future. It will determine the ability of businesses to prosper and, more fundamentally, it will shape our society and living standards for generations.

Ibec’s Smarter World, Smarter Work campaign looks at what’s changing and sets out an ambitious vision for our economy and our society. Crucially, it identifies what action we need to take now if we are to reap the rewards and avoid the pitfalls.

Ibec: Smarter World, Smarter Work

Smarter World, Smarter Work

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