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Local Economic Indicators

25 April 2019
Ibec’s ambition is to make Ireland a better place to live and work. To sustain economic growth and ensure that it can be better shared across the country, Ireland must offer a strong quality of life and employment opportunities. For prosperity and quality of life to go hand in hand, we need to build an Ireland that better manages economic growth and demographic change.

We need to pay close attention on the performance of local authorities to ensure the right conditions exist to allow the entire country to succeed. Ibec’s Local Economic Indicators 2018 report incorporates a data-inspired performance monitoring approach. The report scores 8 regions and all 31 local authorities on over 30 indicators across 8 categories of competitiveness. This is not based on opinion; we’ve compiled the indicators based on data that is openly available. It is our intention that this set of comprehensive indicators encourages public debate and better decision-making.

We have detailed and ranked key areas of interest to local and national policymakers, individuals and businesses alike. Regional and individual local breakdowns provide unique economic and social insights. This allows us to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the economy at a local level.
The report acts as a state of play of local and regional competitiveness. We do not limit performance monitoring to areas that are in direct local control. Many of the included indicators fall outside the remit of local government. They provide an important window to the performance and impact on the ground of national policy.