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UK business call for “status quo” Brexit transition welcome

25 September 2017
Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, today welcomed the call by the Confederation of British Industry for a “status quo” Brexit transition that would see the UK remain in the single market and a customs union for up to three years after March 2019. 

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “The lack of clarity from the UK government on Brexit is making progress impossible and is increasing the risk of a divisive, cliff edge divorce. This must be avoided. 

“The clear message from UK business that any transition should ensure continuity with existing customs and single market provisions will hopefully move the debate on. It is not realistic or sensible to open up two sets of complex negotiations around both the terms of the transition and the future relationship.

“The lack of progress in negotiations is an increasing concern for Irish business. Early agreement on a transition, involving obligations as well as benefits, is needed so we can get on with the real job of sorting out the future relationship.”